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Notice ID Type City Main CPV Title Date
2017/S 179-365754 Contract award notice Mexico City 79700000 Security services for the Delegation of the European Union to Mexico 2017-09-19
2016/S 037-059434 Additional information Mexico City 79416000 Policy outreach partnership 2016-02-23
2014/S 082-142053 Additional information Mexico City 71356200 Technical assistance for the social cohesion laboratory programme, phase II — financing agreement No DCI-ALA/2012/22727 2014-04-26
2011/S 56-090227 Contract award notice Mexico City 71356200 international technical assistance for the competitiveness and innovation programme 2011-03-22
2011/S 21-032524 Contract notice Mexico City 90521000 MX4.01/10: cooperation in the development of a policy and strategy for the management of spent nuclear fuel (including provisions for its safe interim storage) and radioactive waste in Mexico 2011-02-01